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An elegant touch to your home with a BlokUp feature wall . Nothing else comes close when you want to create an open feeling in your home or office that lets in the light and and gives you added security. With a large range of colours, shapes, patterns and textures, you can make your feature wall as individual as you are.

Curved Walls

With BlokUp's patented curved wall system, you can design a wall that is interesting and easy to assemble. Achieve a beautiful curved glass wall with our exclusive framing and connectable radius clips. Create a stunning effect in a home entry or company foyer. The system also works well as a dividing wall for both residential rooms and offices.

Glass Block feature walls and wall panels make for improved look and feel in any Residential, Commercial or Industrial application. Available from BlokUp, in your choice of prefabricated or onsite installed panels. These panels can include a stylish Aluminium or Timber frame, or be frameless and free standing. Colours and Patterns of the Glass Blocks make for increased privacy, security and presentation in any application.

Feature walls may be straight or curved using the innovative BlokUp installation system. Fire Rated versions are available.

The graceful styling and high-tech engineering of a Glass Block Feature wall or Panel with plain, patterned, or colour options can be incorporated offering increased privacy of Hollow Glass Blocks and the strength of the hollow blocks over single pane alternatives.

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