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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between a Glass Brick and a Glass Block?
A. There is no difference. It is only different terminology between manufactures.

Q. How do I determine my opening size to fit a Glass Block panel?
A. Standard Glass Blocks are 190x190x80mm and using our BLOKUP™ system allow for a 3mm spacer, also allow 25mm for framing all the way around. So for example 3 blocks high would be 193mm x 3 + 50mm(25mm frame top & bottom) = 629mm

Q. Is it easy to install Glass Blocks?
A. Yes. With our BLOKUP™ all aluminum & mortarless system it is very simple, using extruded aluminium and punched framing it is just like stacking up lego

Q. What silicone & grout should I buy?
A. Don’t worry everything you need to build your Glass Block panel will be supplied. Our silicone is neutral cure and has mould inhibitors built into it. Our sealant OR grout is a very easy to use water cleanup silicone and is white in colour.

Q. Are Glass Blocks secure?
A. Yes. Glass Blocks are very secure, it takes a really good hit with a hammer to break them and for a thief they would have to break several blocks to fit through and then contend with the aluminium spacers. Glass Blocks give the very best in security while allowing natural light through.

Q. How do Glass Blocks compare to normal windows?
A. Glass Blocks offer natural light, noise and heat reduction benefits similar to double glazing whilst providing hugely increased security and privacy compared with ordinary glass windows. Also it brings a fantastic feature into your home.

Q. Can I get a coloured Glass Block?
A. Yes. We have a large range of coloured blocks. Including blues, greens, grey, gold, turquoise, pink. We also stock some featured Glass Blocks. Please refer to the feature block menu on this site.

Q. I want to install Glass Blocks into my bathroom but ventilation is an issue
A. No problems. Using our unique 50mm “wafer” Glass Blocks we can provide you with an OPENING GLASS BLOCK WINDOW.

Q. can I build a curved glass blok wall?
A. Yes. With our BLOKUP™ Curved wall system it is very simple to do it yourself or we can arrange installation.

Q. I am renovating at the moment and I am not sure how Glass Blocks can be installed where I want them. Can you come to my home and help me out?
A. Yes. We can arrange a time that suits you and come and give you an obligation free quote and advice.

Q. I am building a new home and want a Glass Block feature but don’t want big installation costs
A. No problems. We can prefabricate Glass Block panels to a maximum of 50 blocks. We will deliver to site already glazed with reveals if required ready for your builders to install saving you the need to employ a Glass Block installer.

Q. Can I install Glass Blocks without a frame?
A. Yes. Using our BLOKUP™ Frameless system, we will provide you with everything required to do the job yourself or we can arrange installation for you.

Q. I have an existing opening that can’t be adjusted and doesn’t work Glass Block sizes how can I get around this?
A. 190x190x80mm Glass Blocks are only a standard size. We stock a range of other sizes and half blocks. Also we stock a range of aluminium angles to fill gaps. Please email us or phone us and we will find a solution to your problem.

Q. How can I order my Glass Blocks?
A. You can call our office and speak to one of our friendly staff on 3633 0520 or by fax on 3633 0481 or email

Q. How can I pay for my Glass Blocks?
A.  We have eftpos & credit card facilities, you can pay by cash on site or cheque or  we can email or fax you an invoice so you can pay by direct deposit.

Q. Can I pick up my Glass Blocks?
A. Yes. We are located at Shed 3, 47 Hayward Street, Stafford QLD 4053. We can also deliver OR freight interstate.



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